Elizabeth S.

After the birth of my second child, I began to experience intermittent pelvic pain. At 32, I also had uterine prolapse, a rectocele and cystocele. I started trying to seek out information-like what was causing the pain, how to make it stop, etc. As time went on and I felt like physicians weren’t taking me seriously, I began to become frantic and turned to the internet to see if there were people like me. I was hoping that someone would share their experience and I would see that I wasn’t alone, and that maybe there were options for pain relief for me. I stumbled across others sharing the same experiences, whom were being treated by a physical therapist specializing in women’s health issues. I immediately asked for a referral and scheduled an appointment. The first time I met Marci Marshall I knew that I was in good hands and I began to feel hopeful that I would get my life back. Marci is compassionate, kind and very much an advocate for her clients. She was determined to help me. She validated my pain at a time when I was beginning to feel like no one else had an answer as to what may be causing it. She placed me in the hands of other people in the area who could help me with my journey to feeling better-a pelvic pain specialist, a yoga instructor, massage therapist, acupuncturist and podiatrist. She never gave up on me or made me feel like my situation was hopeless. She is truly and angel, and an asset to our community. I will FOREVER be grateful to her for the care that she gave me!!

Elizabeth S.
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