S. K.

Marci is helping me with a shortened vaginal area after effects from radiation treatment for endometrial cancer. I am making excellent progress. The vaginal area is opening deeper and in circumference. Comments on websites from women who find they have radical changes in their vaginal area after radiation which limit intercourse, often say their husbands or other partners leave them. Oncologists do not seem to know about professionals like Marci who can expertly work with women patients using pelvic floor work and the right dilators to open up the vaginal area so women can be intimate again with their partners. Marci gives expert help, brings a wonderful energy to her treatment work with patients, establishes trust, her office is a beautiful setting for her healing work and she works intuitively and expertly with physical symptoms. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to overcome physical changes in their vaginal area from radiation. The vagina has wonderful recuperative powers, after all babies come through that sacred doorway. And Marci knows just how to work with and restore stressed tissues to a healthier state in expert pelvic floor work. She is a treasure.

S. K,
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