Last year I woke up one morning and thought that I must be developing a bladder infection. I constantly felt like I had to pee and over the next few days the sensation built and nothing would make it stop. Two urine tests were negative for infection and my symptoms grew worse. In a short period of time, the skin in my vulva became inflamed and extremely painful. I also developed a searing, burning pain in my urethral area. I seemed to be acquiring new sources of pain daily and found myself dealing with nearly incapacitating inner thigh pain, shooting pains throughout my pelvis, burning in my vagina and bladder, low back pain, and more. I was not getting any sleep, I cried every day (and throughout most nights), and my pain was unremitting. I saw a variety of medical providers who were sympathetic, but unable to determine the cause of the pain or solve it. Late one night, I was desperately searching the internet in the hopes of finding someone in Maryland who might be able to help me. That is when I found Marci’s website and read about the other women she had helped. I called the next morning to schedule my first visit. Thanks to Marci, I am now on the road to healing. My current diagnoses related to pelvic pain include interstitial cystitis (IC), vulvodynia, and pelvic floor dysfunction. Perhaps you have been diagnosed with or think you have one or more of these conditions and are looking for help and someone who understands. Marci is that person.

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Marci has been great at helping my patients with a variety of issues including pregnancy related sciatic nerve pain, incontinence and pelvic floor disorders… just to name a few. She uses the latest modalities and has a great bedside manner to make the patients feel at ease with such sensitive issu… Read more

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