Judy Moriarty

Marci Marshall is a blessing to our community. Women’s pelvic floor problems have been known and documented for many years, but western medicine has been unable to adequately address this area. Physical Therapy has been making in-roads over the last ten years and the Frederick area is very fortunate to have Ms. Marshall. She has a wealth of knowledge of the pelvic muscles and tremendous diagnostic abilities. I have referred patients to her for various concerns and she has been able to identify, treat and teach the patients to correct the muscle weakness. She is professional and kind. I am delighted to have her as a resource for my patients.

Judy MoriartyCRNP, CNM
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My physical therapy through Women’s Wellness Works has been very effective and helpful, both with back pain during pregnancy and a back injury 18 months later. Marci is a kind, gentle and patient physical therapist who is discreet and professional. I recommend her services to any woman who wants a… Read more

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