Sharon R.

I met Marci at a time when I was feeling totally hopeless about my pelvic floor pain. Since pelvic floor therapy was something I was not familiar with, I was very apprehensive about it. When I met Marci, I was impressed with her complete professionalism and the fact that she really cares about you as an individual, and her goal is to do whatever she can to help you to improve. She made me feel very comfortable from the first visit. I believe that her professional skills are at a level that is hard to find. I have been impressed with the treatments that she has given me, along with her vast knowledge about many women’s health issues. With her help, I got to a point in my treatment where I was pain free. The source of my problems were from having two bad hips that needed replacing, so keeping me pain free was quite a challenge. Marci has been diligent about leaving no stone unturned for treatments that would help me. Marci has a multi-disciplinary approach, and made several referrals to further my treatments. All of her suggestions have been a positive step forward for me. Marci has always been there for me and I can always count on her to help me when I get into flair. One time I traveled all the way from Tampa, FL when I was in flair, and she saw me that very day. That is something that you would not find many therapist willing to do. That was so reassuring to know that she cared that much about me and the fact that I was suffering. I have had one hip replaced, and soon to replace the second and Marci has seen me through it all. We are hopeful that with both hips new, my pelvic floor issues will lessen greatly. I can’t say enough about Marci, and would highly recommend her to anyone dealing with pelvic floor issues. She will give you the care and treatments that you need, and will genuinely make it her mission to give you all the help possible.

Sharon R.
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