Hours are by appointment only Tuesday through Friday. No evening or weekend appointments are offered.

Patients are seen once weekly, for a one-on-one therapy session. Appointments are scheduled for one hour. Hands on treatment time is actually ~ 50-55 minutes with the remaining time for dressing and administrative tasks (scheduling, payment collection and documentation).

Your personalized, private therapy session will be held in a treatment room that is designed to promote a soothing, comforting atmosphere.  We understand that your time is very valuable and we will make every effort to accommodate you when scheduling appointments.

Please either call on Mondays at 301-698-9214 or complete the “New Patient Form”If we are unavailable to answer your call; please leave a message with your name, date of call and your daytime/evening telephone numbers. We return New Patient calls on Mondays to get additional information and to schedule appointments. If you require a response sooner,  please email Thank you.

Examination Room at Women's Wellness Works in Frederick, MDPrivate Office at Women's Wellness Works in Frederick, MD