Hours are by appointment only Tuesday through Friday. No evening or weekend appointments are offered.


  • Once weekly, for a one-on-one therapy session.


  • Appointments are scheduled for one hour. Hands on treatment time is actually ~ 50-55 minutes with the remaining time for dressing and administrative tasks (scheduling, payment collection and documentation).


  • New Patients: Call on Monday’s at 301-698-9214 or complete the “New Patient Form”If we are unavailable to answer your call; please leave a message with your name, date of call and your daytime/evening telephone numbers. If you require a response sooner,  please email

Marci is helping me with a shortened vaginal area after effects from radiation treatment for endometrial cancer. I am making excellent progress. The vaginal area is opening deeper and in circumference. Comments on websites from women who find they have radical changes in their vaginal area after rad…

S. K,